Palestinian News: Grief and anger as #Palestinian teacher killed in arson attack is laid to rest

Reham Dawabsheh should have celebrated her 27th birthday on Sunday.

Instead, the teacher from the Palestinian West Bank village of Duma died in hospital, the third member of her family – including her infant son – to have perished following an arson attack on their home by suspected Jewish extremists on 31 July.

As her family buried her on Monday afternoon, the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, declared three days of mourning and ordered flags be lowered to half-mast. ∞∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞∞


Palestinian News: Commemoration 67 #Palestinian Nakba in Gothenburg

Six o’clock in the evening on Friday, 15 – 05-2015 filled hall (Mudborera Host) in the (area camel Stadium) in Gothenburg, where the crowds poured into many of the Palestinian refugees, young and old and young and old. They came from throughout the ancient Swedish city of more than twenty-five thousand Palestinians, in order to live 67 anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba, shared by many Arab communities (Lebanese, Syrian and Iraqi) and Swedish solidarity movements.

This began the Palestinian National Day minute of silence in tribute and honor to the martyrs of Palestine and the Arab nation, then launched the Palestinian national anthem marking the opening of the effectiveness of the Palestinian community in this tragic anniversary. Ms. Fethiye Saadi, represented by the National Committee of associations and activities of the Palestinian institutions in the city of Gothenburg, attendants and guests were welcomed and greeted members of the General Secretariat of the Union of Communities and Palestinian institutions and events in the diaspora Europe, who insisted that the part of the Palestinian community in this national effectiveness, and who came to hold regular meetings cycle in Sweden on the occasion of the National Day of the Palestinian people and the anniversary of the Nakba, as summarized salute Swedish solidarity movements and parties participating in this Palestinian effectiveness. The festival hall was filled with Palestinian flags, and a mural of the Palestinian Nakba in the sixty-seventh anniversary.

And it began peace band Dabke Palestinian heritage in the artistic display remarkable where the ground knocked steps Palestinian girls who are sent back to the scene of the image of the Palestinian Dabka, in Offers Adramah, paintings inflamed attendance, and ignited in the soul rhyme nostalgia and alienation, and hopes of a return to the homeland Cross.

Initially spoke representatives of Swedish political parties to participate, spoke representative Party (Alsosial Democratic), the party that governs Sweden, stressed on Sweden’s consistent position of the Palestinian cause, and set the guidelines for Swedish policy Tattabralaatrav Palestinian state, the right of the Palestinian people, on the basis of international legitimacy, and an end Palestinian-Israeli conflict on the basis of the recognition of two states (Israeli and Palestinian) and in accordance with international resolutions on this matter, and stressed parking Sweden with the issue of the Palestinian people, against the expansion of settlement building in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem, and an end to settlement. Then the representative of the Swedish Communist Party, which stressed the need for the return of Palestinian refugees to their homes, and restore Palestine to its rightful owners, and considering that (Israel) part of the global imperialist colonial project, which must struggle against it, and to stand with the Palestinian people libertarian movement.

 After the representatives of the Swedish parties followed the words of Heritage Ensemble for Peace and the Palestinian Dabka, offers exquisite paintings across national, expressed the tragedy of the Nakba and the Zionist occupation, also expressed the suffering of the prisoners in the prisons of the Zionist occupation. In the context of this national efficiency, and in this national day Filstiniy, Comrade Kamal acceptable spoke the word of the General Secretariat of the Union of Societies and the Palestinian links in Sweden, welcomed the attendees on behalf of the Union, and pointed to the role of the Federation of Associations and the Palestinian links in Sweden in no Palestinian reunion, and the formation of the regulatory framework mass crossing about the role of communities in supporting the Palestinian cause in Sweden, also referred to the changes brought by the Palestinian community and that contributed to the changing trends of opinion in Sweden and Europe, and build a broader Swedish solidarity with our people, the issues of rings, then Comrade Kamal member of the General Secretariat of the Federation of Associations in Sweden spoke about the effects of Nakba, which came on our people in 1948 and the tragedies of our people under occupation, and saluted the martyrs of the Palestinian people and the heroic prisoners in Zionist jails, led by Barghouti and Shobaki, Ahmad Saadat, and pointed to the suffering of our people in the refugee camps in Syria and Lebanon, and called on everyone to work for the return of the camps to her family to be a springboard to return to Palestine.

The word companion Radi Shuaibi President of the General Secretariat of the Union of Communities and Palestinian institutions and events in the Diaspora Europe, alive in its infancy leadership and members of the General Secretariat of the Union of Societies and the Palestinian ties and the Palestinian community in Sweden, and thanked them for their call, and talked about the role of the Federation of Community and Palestinian institutions and events in the European Diaspora and the tasks entrusted to it , and the power to do and its impact in terms of absorbing Palestinian communities movement and their growth and development, Oolghh Union in the decisions of the Palestinian political trends impact, has said Comrade Radi Shuaibi to the Palestinian Nakba as one of the Arab treason stations that should be on the Palestinian forces and Arab live to decide the Arab national project and reinforced to deal with plots Foreign hitting Bhrabha, at this stage, the front-line and steadfastness, and was invited to act capable of achieving the dream of return to Palestine, by the completion of the foundations of the Arab national liberation project. In the context of his speech alive Dr. Radi Shuaibi martyrs of the Arab nation and the martyrs of Palestine, as alive steadfastness of the prisoners in the Zionist enemy’s prisons, and in the end gave the greeting on behalf of the Union of Communities and Palestinian institutions and events in the diaspora Europe to the masses of Palestinian communities in Europe and around the world and the Palestinian refugee camps in the resort and in the diaspora areas.

Palestinian scarf has sailed and soared high, and mussels in which the Palestinian singer Hale Diab sound that lit hall National abundance in was his impact in the hearts of the audience, singing the national committed to national mobilization in committed art contexts, and before that the Palestinian singer singing continue with the peace band for Heritage and Dabkeh delivered a writer and poet Palestinian big fighter improve Halabi poems of the National poetry that body language expressions and literary images Snfinuh national poem painted in humanitarian term Photos Nakba that befell the Palestinian our people, and photos of the national struggle and suffering of the families, and completed rhyme poem in a beautiful performance of the poet struggling to improve Halabi captured the hearts attendance and feelings.

Then came the Palestinian singer Hale Diab to pursue national singing ..

 And relay events in the paragraphs of the Palestinian heritage paint Palestine through Dabka and singing transnational and cross-rhyme committed expressive. In the late hours of the night this National Day ended up embodying the hopes of return and refusing to do the Nakba. ∞∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞∞

Palestinian News: Commemorate the #Palestinian Nakba Day in Malmo

Of Isa Abdul Momen

The voices stationed on our national territory occupied since replaced the Nakba sons of the people of Palestine in Haifa, Jaffa, Acre, Nazareth Ras Naqoura and Lod and Ramle and Jerusalem … and Bhnajer restless and are calling for marches across scouring the number of devastating towns, on refugees:

“The Go back” and to those who forcibly displaced inside the country after uprooting and Tdmirma more than 500 town Velstiniyh: our unity we will prevent the Judaization of our land and restore what was destroyed by the occupation, and that the expulsion was more than half of the population outside the country, after committing collective massacres against the population of a number of towns and imposition of their deployment on the fifty-eight camps at home and in neighboring countries of asylum that successive generations to come will not forget Palestine as Golda Meir, prime minister of the usurper Israeli entity expected fourth. And here we who have tasted the bitterness of migration and other times to various lower parts under pressure and oppression of our brothers enemies of the Arab rulers respond echo in the ends of the north lower in Sweden to override the voice of our people in Jerusalem and Bethlehem and Issawiya and Gaza and the Jabalya and Ain al-Hilweh and Almmeltain of Yarmouk folks who dispersion of respondents Jdid.nrd echo our folks at home

Based on the Palestinian Network call in Sweden, from associations in Scona, Group 194 in Sweden and the Palestinian house in Helsing Assen and Palestinian doctors union and the Palestinian Assembly in Malmo, to commemorate Nakba Day to remind our children and our grandchildren that we have a country named Palestine, we will not forget as long as we live !! And to thank our friends supporters of the justice of our cause and who breed permanent steadily on the diverse efforts starting with “ship to Gaza,” which left the overturned her boat port of Malmo two days before the reception and farewell majestic, through marches and sit-ins and a boycott of Israeli goods and the way to use the media available for that .

In Malmo and the hall “Stodia Vremianda” or people giraffes and Haddana, young and old, women and men and children and representatives of Arab societies and Swedish and parties and forces, and stop everyone at the invitation Arifi meeting, “Sally Abu Samra and sound Kilani “the music of the Palestinian national anthem and a minute of silence in honor and in honor of the souls of the martyrs of the revolution and the people and the rotation of preachers to lay down their words from actress Socialist Party, the biggest Swedish parties and is the ruling party” Helevi Larson, “a member of the Swedish parliament,” Karnerod died “and is a member administrative body in the Left Party, the party of more parties in solidarity with the people and especially the issue of the Palestinian people’s issues, “Helen or safe” and are active Swedish Do not miss and means only and Tljha of writing articles and published in newspapers to use Twitter to expose crimes of the occupation to take part in all the Palestinian events, “Sourn Somelios” one well-known journalists, where Collect Speakers condemn the catastrophe that has befallen and is still the Palestinian people for 67 years and what the subsequent crimes of the occupation of killing and destruction and siege and starve and set up barriers and construction of the apartheid wall and the confiscation of land and the spread of settlements and sabotage the national economy, stressing that many of the EU countries will join the Swedish position, which recognized the State of Palestine and have confirmed that the occupation to the demise as apartheid system still in South Africa, and this has concluded rhetorical words the word of the Palestinian network where we cost us Palestinians cubs nine years old and throwing his name “Mohammed illuminated” where he explained the cause of the Palestinian Nakba, as it should. And our intention so that the fourth generation of the sons of the Nakba even displaced them to another world that they will destroy illusions that the leaders of the Zionist dreams of a generation of the Nakba first and second die forget !! To tell them we are the sons of the fourth generation will not forget and to Palestine to returnees.

This has included the words paragraphs young and Thagavayh where Galilee Division of Folk Art Palestinian made two paintings of folk dances where provoked Hamas present Vqhoblt warm applause and it raised joy, and dream band has made an offer theatrically effective cry present condition of the asylum and the siege and hunger and being forced to emigrate again in light of silence in front of the destruction and the displacement of our people in the camps, as a short film about health conditions and therapeutic shortages and pharmacological and support campaigns carried out by the diaspora and in a short break eating present diverse Palestinian sweets and exchanged chatting and expressed their admiration the program of the meeting and questioned the author of the book bags and painting Bakj and had written to each name of the city or village to form a map of Palestine and the colors of the flag of Palestine and paved on the ground on the way to the hall, as put forward between the paragraphs of the program questions about the geography of Palestine and the diaspora and distributed gifts to the winners and presented by “Mead said Palestina” In conclusion caught Galilee where band returned to ascend the stage and progress to the music of Aljfra Rqstha Vthms people and have shared in Rqsthm confirm everyone that we will not forget Palestine ∞∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞∞

Palestinian News: Two Arab Nuns From #Palestine Are Canonized by Pope Francis

ROME — Pope Francis canonized two 19th-century nuns from Ottoman-ruled Palestine on Sunday, just days after the Vatican moved to formally recognize a state of Palestine, offering tacit support to a bid for full sovereignty.

The canonization of Sister Mariam Baouardy, who founded a Carmelite convent in Bethlehem, and Sister Marie Alphonsine Ghattas, who founded a congregation of nuns, was not related to the Vatican’s announcement last week of a new treaty with the Palestinians, Vatican officials said Friday. ∞∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞∞

Palestinian News: Six #Palestinian families and Syria migrate from Gaza to Sweden via the “Erez” UN format

He left six Palestinian families composed and Syria of about 27 people on Sunday, the Gaza Strip through Beit Hanoun “Erez” heading to Sweden, after obtaining immigration and residence formal approval in Swedish territory, in coordination with the General Commissioner for Refugees, the United Nations, and is facilitated by the ICRC Red.

She said Suhair Zaqout, spokeswoman for the “Red Cross” in the Gaza Strip, told Anatolia that her organization facilitated the exit six families (Syria and Palestinian origin), through Beit Hanoun “Erez” crossing (under Israeli control), at the request of the High Commission of Refugees at the United Nations.

The estimated number of Palestinians who are in Syria, before the outbreak of the Syrian revolution in February 2011 nearly 581 thousand inhabitants, concentrated in the “Yarmuk” camp south of Damascus, as well as camps and other areas, according to UN statistics.

But fighting for over three years to pay tens of thousands of them to flee to Lebanon, and Jordan, while managed groups estimated in the hundreds of access to the Gaza Strip.

She Zaqout: “Cross organization coordinates for immigration, only our mission was to help them, and take them from outside its borders and facilitate passing their passage through Beit Hanoun (Erez) crossing, for not owning General Commissioner for Refugees any official offices in Gaza.”

Zaqout explained that the migration of families were formally, and in coordination with the Swedish authorities.

And emigrated dozens of Palestinians recently illegally cross migrant boats at sea, because of the difficult economic situation in the Gaza Strip, and the effects of the recent Israeli war legacy.

And it sank in mid-September / September last, a boat carrying dozens of Palestinians, of seeking to illegal immigration to Europe, off the coast of Malta and Alexandria (north of Egypt), and the fate of some 400 people, including unknown, according to the International Organization for Migration. ∞∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞∞

Palestinian News: People defective provisions

In turn, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine confirmed that the issuance of several provisions of the Egyptian court sentenced to death the martyrs and prisoners of Palestinians something defective, calling on the Egyptian government to correct this imbalance.

He said the political bureau of the Popular Front member d. Rabah Muhanna in a press statement: “We are, in principle, do not interfere in Egyptian affairs, and in particular the judiciary, but to pass death sentences on the martyr Raed Attar, who was assassinated by the occupation last summer, as if to justify them her crime, as well as to control death fighter Hassan Salameh detained in Israeli jails, about twenty years ago it is something strange and wondrous. ” Stressing the need to open a serious dialogue with our brothers in Egypt to remove all barriers and obstacles on the floor of the fraternal and historical relations As one people. ∞∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞∞

Palestinian News: Thousands attend funeral for mother of #Palestinian toddler killed in arson attack

ERUSALEM — The mother of a Palestinian toddler killed in a West Bank firebomb attack was buried in her village Monday hours after succumbing to wounds sustained in the attack, which also killed the child’s father and is believed to have been carried out by Jewish extremists.

Thousands of Palestinians attended the funeral for Riham Dawabsheh, 27, and later about 100 threw rocks at Israeli soldiers nearby who responded with rubber bullets, the military said. ∞∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞∞