Palestinian News: So you will not applaud, by Khaled Abu Kharj

Finally it was announced postponement of the (Palestinian National Council) to another appointment, and the move is a good thing well and as a result, because to take place in the manner that has the call was a indulging exclusivity national decisions and tampering and disregard for the Palestinian people and their national cause, and go the National Assembly to the city of Ramallah on Specifically, the headquarters of salad administrative autonomy constitutes a new scandal, because it means that the Council was held under the spears of the occupation, which puts the entire organization in a cage occupation, and that does not mean the erosion of the city of Ramallah, Palestinian city, which is her history of national struggle and Mein Kampf tradition, the city provided Dozens of martyrs, and had a role that can not be ignored or jump him, but because of Ramallah, alas, is still under occupation and lies by the (self-rule authority) say their symbols and Msaliera and ministers that they are the authority under occupation, moving and moving ordered the occupation, and they can not enter one but the approval of the occupation, any meaning can the Council to carry out another dimension it is in session under the spears of the occupation.

But what is important now that the postponement had signed and received, which opens the door to talk about the Council and the PLO, not the dimension of the organizational and the need for activation and reconstruction, but also the national political dimension, and here we will remain governed national positions of any event or development or Newcomer in reading any event Palestinian political and not a factional considerations Against the interests of the country is no place for emotions not Altkazb not talk about courtesy relationships Valomr beyond all this, the Palestinian Our people and our national cause are now in times of stress, not prosperity and witness a serious absence poses a threat leads to loss if the case remained that way.

There is a political program to say that he and a national program for some like, others dub it a national project, which is in fact profligate program carried with him the most serious damage to the question of Palestine, which is today one of the manifestations of the deficit and the crisis in the Palestinian arena, does not meet the minimum of our case requirements, not in home and abroad, not in the affairs and Concerns of our people in the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza, and in the hopes and aspirations of our people steadfast and patient in the home rapist since 1948, nor in the affairs and Concerns of the Palestinian diaspora, which demolished its camps on the owners heads, being tampered with in full swing for more demolition and to the displacement of the rest of them and they are just a few kilometers from the occupied Palestine that is required of our people throughout the 67 years of the Nakba dream edited and return to it.

We have expressed more than once that we do not formulate the position of the Palestinian National Council, the launch of our relationship with him, or our representation and whether or not, this command does not provide nor delay and this is not the bottom line and this is not of interest, then the lack of our representation and our presence in the Council is one of the manifestations of variation and disagreement and sharp differences It is a manifestation of the intractable crisis in the Palestinian arena, but the appearance of contradictions culminated in the Palestinian arena expressed itself in a political characterization of a national Palestinian reflects the fact that the situation prevailing there are two approaches contradictory in the wrestling arena.

In we dealt with the subject of the Council and the PLO, we will continue to governed clarity and candor, and manifest in the position it has we are now in dire need of it, this does not mean open problems or fueling disputes and conflicts in the Palestinian arena, as far as means to get away from the courtesies false and hypocrisy in the Palestinian internal life.

If we are from another address about the delay, Fenrah in the need to move away from the claim credited postponed, each of said word, and expressed his position, and warned of the risks, and the regulatory and legal disadvantages for such calls, expressed his official position regarded as the realm in the resolution, But our consciousness in the Palestinian situation, indicates that the delay is not a Palestinian decision net, the situation of the Arab, regional and international lectured the Palestinian issue, and if there are encouraged to call and convene also there are probably advised or expressed concern or expressed dissatisfaction, or several considerations fears Now is not the space.

We want to take from half Alumblyan Cup, but once we want to take the advice of the late poet Mahmoud Darwish, who told us (not applaud so you will), this step is not the end nor worthless if were not in favor of the move falls within the framework of the rebuilding of institutions m. T.v, and the opposite is the postponement formality to achieve certain purposes along the lines of ensuring a quorum, or sufficient to ensure a Palestinian cover, or gloss green light tell completed Ajraatkm Omorkm and arranged to be able to hold joints political project carries more chapters settlements dangerous.

The postponement of the Council, and to stop stifling the Palestinian political approach in the flesh, and catch up behind the illusions of settlements go hand in hand, and this is at stake.

And the opposite will be the scene cartoon crystal clear, empty hall meetings, and the political approach Tswoa perched, in the event of a permanent session. ∞∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞∞


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