Palestinian News: Alsaktin to the siege of Gaza, by Munir Shafiq

They have become few may reach the scarcity of those who carry their resistance in the Gaza Strip, and withdrew this position on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, not to mention who have been carrying the responsibility of the continuing blockade of the Gaza Strip, particularly the siege of the Egyptian side (in the era of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi) Hamas sometimes; accusing prevail in affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood at the national role and resistor in Palestine, and sometimes accusing responsible for the division and the blockade, which hit him on the authority of Ramallah sector. Any Radwkhha because of the conditions set by Mahmoud Abbas for reconciliation. It was summed up by three conditions: one for peace and war decision, one gun, and the power of one. It is intended handed over private peace and war resolution, and deliver the weapons of the resistance of the security services, which was founded for the implementation of security coordination with the occupation agreement. As per the full power of the Gaza Strip Vsultth as is the case in the West Bank.

Of course, one can understand the concerns raised by the conflicts and crises afflicting the Arab situation in general. But he can not understand that to reach these concerns to some extent tolerated applied to the blockade of the Gaza Strip. It (the blockade) which aims to disarm the resistance, and returns the situation in the Gaza Strip, the whole of the base case of armed resistance to the condition which is characterized by the situation in the West Bank. Worse, this silence covers verbal insistence on the centrality of the Palestinian issue, and the armed resistance against the Zionist enemy’s strategy.

For who Zloa convinced of the centrality of the Palestinian issue and the strategy of armed resistance in the face of the Zionist enemy, to explain their silence on the siege of the Gaza Strip and milled it, are extremely harsh since the end of the war the Zionist aggression in August / August 2014. For example, the Rafah crossing has been open since the beginning of the year current but only six days, a siege, unfortunately for the pain, Mbar- joint authority of Ramallah.  comes this siege, in spite of its predecessor, which hit since July 2013, after the great field victory of the resistance and the masses of the people in the Gaza Strip in a war of aggression in July, August / August 2014, which extended throughout the 51 days. It was supposed to be crowned with the victory of political aborted because of the abandonment of the promises that stopped the fire on the basis of, and not to proceed because of the indirect negotiations that were supposed to respond to the conditions of the resistance.

Is there what is the harshest of this silence, which will reach the end of collusion if it continues without turning to the awakening of consciousness, or the awakening of conscience, in order to claim and exerting pressure to put an end to it?

The work to lift the siege on the Gaza Strip is not limited to be lifted to a fatal injustice, and error nationally and Arobia, religious, humanitarian and sin as it should be unacceptable in itself and in terms of principle. But it is harmful, and return the most damage, the perpetrators Egyptians and Palestinians. Because the popular armed resistance and resilience, as evidenced by three wars, a form equivalent strategic militarily in the Arab-Islamic-Palestinian conflict against the Zionist entity. It’s a strategic equivalent of the utmost importance for the Palestinian cause and national security of Egypt in particular. That is a mistake to think that the Egyptian national security in safety because of the Egyptian – Israeli Treaty, or that the future of the Palestinian struggle against the Zionist project has been defined by the path of the Oslo agreement. What that treaty and what this agreement only for fleeting moments, it had come in against the nature of the conflict and tried to hide the fangs of the Zionist monster and Chie are changing the nature of the aggressive cancer can. Military confrontation is brewing, which is longer and do not want cures Glèlè others; for either he will take whatever he wants or leave the land raped her, and end a presence where there is no master of the Palestinians and Egyptians, Arabs and Muslims.

For this crime to hand over the Gaza Strip, Mahmoud Abbas, in accordance with the conditions, or go to any conditions to disarm the resistance, also targets the closure of the Rafah crossing on the Egyptian side since July 2-13 closure did not even know at the time of Hosni Mubarak.

Here has been brought to Alsaktin for the siege of the Gaza Strip, should bear in mind the suffering of the people in the sector from the ravages of the embargo on food and medicine and a dream level, and the face of tens of thousands living in the open amid the rubble of devastated neighborhoods. And here they did not mention the death of children of hunger and cold and without medication. More importantly, it did not say that all this is happening to the people of the verses of the tournament in a line of resistance and steadfastness, and the defense of our dignity all, Aulnat dignity Alsaktin for the siege of the Gaza Strip.

Again, one can understand, but you must understand, the concern in the major challenges faced by the Arab situation, and to postpone the concern in the fight against the Zionist enemy because of these challenges. But it can not be understood, but we must not understand the silence applied to the blockade of Gaza, with only the required raising the voice against this blockade. ∞∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞∞


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