Migrant Crisis: We do not want to be from the same family”

When he evokes the refugee crisis, he speaks very quickly to “she”. Understand: Marine Le Pen. “I am ashamed for her,” he loose. “Shame” of his reaction to the death of little Aylan. “This woman is horrible,” he grimaced. In the gymnasium of Gilley, Nicolas Sarkozy drops to arm shortcuts on the president of FN, denouncing its “brutality”, “inhumanity” and “total lack of any sense.” “It does not surprise me that the father and daughter arrived there. Frankly, we do not want to be in the same family,” he asserts to this room where, he believes, “second person” has already voted FN. “Mr Le Pen spoke of” detail “, insist he later, in La Baule Ms. Le Pen, I tell you.! This is not a detail These children [refugee] could have been ours. These women, these young people, these people, they are our brothers in the human race. “

While the functioning of the Schengen area is pointed, Nicolas Sarkozy argued that especially remember him for his refounding “three years ago, in my meeting Villepinte”. At the time, “I was told that I was running after the FN”, and “there was unanimous concert to say that I was wrong. Even in my political family …” And to denounce the passivity of Francois Hollande, since, on this subject: “We see the ravages of inaction.” At the “cowardice” of his Socialist successor whom he blames “the moral disaster, we are witnessing human” and “inhumanity” frontist, Nicolas Sarkozy wants to oppose the “seriousness” of the Republicans.

Because it “does not believe in a reform of Schengen,” it is therefore demanding more than ever today its “complete overhaul” and the creation of a ‘Schengen 2 “, which requires the opening of” centers administrative detention “, managed and financed by the European Union, neighboring countries of the Schengen area:” Serbia, Bulgaria “or” North Africa “. It is there that should, in his view, be studied records of asylum seekers “before they cross the Mediterranean, not after. Because after it’s too late.” And he asks a “prerequisite” to “lowering of borders” as part of a Schengen 2: “That the member countries adopt the same migration policy.” To avoid having “people who are accepted in Spain and then arriving in France because the social benefits are greater than in Spain.” ∞∞∞∞∞ www.lejdd.fr ∞∞∞∞∞


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