Migrant Crisis: The story of #immigrants .. comparison of prey behavior with the West ..! Akram Atallah

Interact issue of immigrants perhaps as the leading event draws the European continent in recent decades, the scenes of death and drowning for children and their families have shaken the European conscience strongly to the extent that forced governments to act quickly for fear of opinion shocked year and indignant, initially moved German Chancellor Merkel and began a quiet move of some countries The newspaper «The Independent» British launched a major campaign against the British government for ignoring the issue of refugees to rush British Prime Minister David Cameron under campaign pressure and declares on his «Facebook» the day before yesterday, the government’s response to allocate 900 million pounds to provide a safe way for immigrants to gain access to Britain and the provision of services relief.

Austrian government responded then to send a bus carrying them from the asylum in Hungary to Austria camps after they learned that they have begun to move on foot after the cessation of the Austrian train after that every country has announced its contribution to Absorb and save the number, which was divided according to the possibilities of countries have volunteered to each country to provide help and contribute to ease the disaster that took place and replaced the Syrian people.

European behavior was shocking for the Arab peoples in humanity has taken comparisons its way on the social networking between communities pages have a humanitarian surplus reinforced by images from there and among Arab countries that empty completely of any human feeling toward disaster, and I went questions further from the role of the media and scientists who led the wave sedition. And intellectuals who suddenly silent in front of the most serious humanitarian crisis such as al-Qaradawi and Azmi Bishara and the elders of Jihad and others who did not dare any of them to issue a fatwa prohibition Close Arab countries in the face of the refugees suddenly turned into lambs and a deposit has been made of the disaster and fled from their results.

For decades there comparisons are dimmed because the influence of preachers was greater than the face .. those who Astazloa princes and kings were and still separated Fatawa in line with the interests of politics and politicians who were unable to build the homelands had to be dragged theorists to defend them, and while unable to defend found in the Nile from European values ​​of modernity and a better way to be a failure when the best way is the successful attack on the other.

Both visited Europe and the universities and streets and their industries or even read them hit jealousy on the Arab region living in the Middle Ages and lies in the Nations tail and when the generation modernists began demanding to take advantage of that progress cried all with one voice «wants to West imitates the infidel» and that we had managed to imitate him and his knowledge and morals and humanity and civilization, perhaps because we made something for this nation which escapes from their homelands and are here to talk about the people, not governments that are going on behind their interests and alliances.

Remember the argument that the West live in a state of decomposition and then revealed to us the tragedy of the refugees that most peoples of the earth coherent have lashed the feet of one man to provide assistance and prepared hundreds of thousands of families «decaying» to embrace the families ask their aid and the argument that women just a commodity in the West, while we respect women .. Apart from the development of the miserable in the Arab region that suffer from abuse, beatings and humiliation of women and ranked the world and the men to marry them without controls we discovered that women are more respectful immeasurably only a few accepted the commodification itself Femirkl alone reflect the difference between the women we have and they have.

Refugees who have emigrated and some of them fell in the middle of death trip revealed all Sagotna as a system awareness Arabic and culture is the result of a history of blood and murder, they shot down with them the Arab regimes and the Arab peoples-like kings because they are the product of the same culture that do not have any weight to man stood exposed with no morals in this exam has fallen preachers who drowned satellite tears of crocodiles who are lamenting on the Syrian people under the rule of Assad and while tearing the Syrian people Ohahawwa their faces for fear of the wrath of the Sultan, intellectuals have fallen and theorists revolutions and intellectuals, free media and the prisoner fell, and inform the opinions of others who have discovered that it is not only Broboganda mass creative chaos .

We stand naked in front of our past and our present shameful and helpless, just as we did and our awareness, our culture and our history traumatized by the horror of the event and how divided our nation on the sidewalks of the world and we are not more than spectators and even beyond some envied those on access to those sidewalks, that agony, what the pride of this in a nation flees her children from .. homelands into the unknown to the West, which shows his humanity and Ihno them more than their own home Compared to the women of this West Altqtun pictures with immigrants as princesses visited by Arabs from behind a wall and barbed wire alone is enough.

The nation Kamtna need a violent jolt to regain consciousness absent and concealed by the actors are many, need big demolition process for consideration for herself and start all over again to reconsider all its political, moral, and cultural components, but to continue to blindness, ignorance and Taatlguen culture of advocates and theorists princes and believe it has a advantage over all the nations That is the real tragedy that we do not have it in front of the world complacent only desolation and ignorance and the failure of medicine, education and the failure of the Department of State and more importantly, respect for human rights does not constitute a tragedy of those refugees violent jolt or the story will end Bnuah faint? ∞∞∞∞∞ arabnyheter.info ∞∞∞∞∞


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