Migrant Crisis: Aftonbladet study to show that a majority of Swedes want the help #refugees

A study by the Aftonbladet newspaper showed that the majority of the Swedish people want the help of refugees fleeing from the scourge of war.

And it crossed the 66% of the Swedish people for their willingness to provide assistance, according to Asentlaa opinion that accompanied the study across eight out of every ten Moaqunan willingness expressed their desire to donate clothes and supplies also through 7 of every 10 people their intention to donate money and through 4 of 10 people for their desire to support and one of every 10 people greeted his intention to refugees in his home.

It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Stephen Ufem will take part in a demonstration welcomes the reception of refugees will take place today in Mbdourearplatsin Square in Stockholm observers likely to share with thousands of Swedes to express welcomed refugees fleeing wars. ∞∞∞∞∞ arabnyheter.info ∞∞∞∞∞


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