Palestinian News: Palestinians Angered by Sanhedrin Decision to Put Pope Francis on Trial

A Palestinian member of the al-Fatah Revolutionary Council has spoke out condemning the self-declared Sanhedrin’s letter to Pope Francis, which demands that the Pope rescind his recognition of the “State of Palestine” or face trial in Jerusalem.

The Sanhedrin decided to try the Pope after the Vatican signed its first comprehensive treaty with the “State of Palestine”, thereby officially recognizing its statehood. The treaty was ratified on May 13.

As previously reported by Breaking Israel News, the nascent Sanhedrin has also sent a letter to US President Barack Obama, calling him to trial for “criminal offenses” against the Jewish people. Both the Pope and Obama have chosen to ignore the summons, but the Sanhedrin’s cries for justice and truth have not gone unnoticed. ∞∞∞∞∞ »»»»


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