Palestinian News: In the #Palestinian case characterization, by Ahmed Samir ability

Witnessing the Palestinian arena since more than two decades state of confusion and volatility on the political level, and exacerbated that situation and taken root since the Palestinian division took place against the backdrop of the political conflict between Fatah and Hamas to power, shreds the Palestinian scene in spite of realizing all Palestinian factions into a bug, it is packed with a lot from the political, economic, social and cultural diseases, and the ever Balastvhal day after day without putting an end to these diseases Bagtlalla from the root and eliminate them entirely.

If we want to give a description of the Palestinian state, can be summed up this period of time in several key joints starts with the beginning of the signing of the Oslo agreement and the formation of the Palestinian National Authority and the start of multiple rounds of negotiations and provide many of the ideas and movements as well as the Arab initiative and the Arab project which was submitted to the Security Council At the end of 2014, all of which is designed to push the peace process between the Palestinian and Israeli sides to resolve the Palestinian issue and ending the Israeli occupation, but after more than two decades after those negotiations did not result in moves for any progress in the path of the Palestinian cause, due to the Israeli intransigence and the evasion of all international benefits and beating the wall of all the resolutions of international legitimacy, and this intransigence and the Israeli denial is supported by the United States politically and militarily, on the other hand, were absent national strategy and national agreement on the path of negotiations and the course of military action, however, and despite the absence of the strategy and the practice of all forms of pressure on the negotiator Palestinian However, it still adheres to all the constants of the Palestinian national rights.

The second detailed characterization of the Palestinian case pertaining to the Palestinian division, which still has been going on for eight years on the impact of conflict and fighting between Fatah and Hamas to power and governance, in spite of the signing of the parties to the Cairo Agreement (2009 and 2011) and understandings State (2012) and the Agreement on the beach (2014), which resulted in the formation of a government of national reconciliation, but the devil was between the lines, did not constitute agreed committees, namely, (reconciliation, and the government, security, elections, and the organization) did not perform any of them, in view of the emergence of staff issue (Hamas) officials, and that was the cause of faltering reconciliation. Division has resulted in a lot of the results was one of the most centralized decline results of the Palestinian cause in all the Arab, regional and international forums in light of all the variables and political developments in the Middle East region in particular, and of those results the worsening crisis in the Gaza Strip and the deterioration of economic conditions and the high level unemployment and poverty, and the spread of the culture of doubt and recrimination political and media and bickering and not accept the other opinion and the other denial and gagged and a flagrant violation of all human rights in terms of freedom of expression and freedom of opinion and freedom of demonstration and assembly … etc, in addition to the continuation of Alasraial aggression in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Jerusalem, (continuing violations Israel Al-Aqsa Mosque and the attempts to divide time and place, and the continued construction of the apartheid wall and the confiscation of land for settlement expansion, house demolitions and unloading of the Palestinian villages of the population, and to commit more massacres and genocide against the Palestinian people, as well as violation of all Palestinian rights and restriction of movement, and the continuing incursions into Palestinian cities launched arrests in the ranks of the Palestinians), as well as the slow pace of reconstruction sector and the continuation of the siege and closure of the Rafah crossing process.

Third detailed in the Palestinian case characterization, linked to the institutions of the Palestinian state and its legitimacy and legality, the fifth Article of the Amended Basic Law of 2003 defined the system of government in Palestine that parliamentary democratic system based on political and party pluralism, presidential and legislative institution is subject to election rotating even derive their legitimacy and legality, since return Palestinian National Authority was formed institutions of power Along with the Palestine Liberation Organization was the institution of the presidency and the Legislative Council, the three institutions (the organization and the presidential and legislative) derives its legitimacy direct elections, has seen Palestine since the advent of power two elections for presidential and legislative institution, the first Valdorh made in 1996 session the second (2005 presidential and 2006 legislative), and in both sessions has not been an election for the institutions of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (Executive Committee and the Central Council and the National Council), and when talking about the legitimate institution, there is no doubt that all the institutions lacking at the moment for the legitimate and legal, has identified election law in 2007 in Article III term of office of the president in four years and not graciously elected for more than two consecutive terms, and in the fourth article of the same law has been four years to determine the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Legislative Council. Hence and because of the state of division and continuing over ten years on the presidential election and nine years on the legislative elections legalized for both of them have landed, and here we have entered in the case of absence of legitimacy from the main state institutions, according to the Cairo Agreement (2011) and after the formation of the national unity government is call for elections !!!. What this case is accompanied by the constant bickering about the legitimacy of institutions, some of them believe that the legitimacy of the institution of the presidency and the other party deemed illegal and it also applies to the Legislative Council and the PLO.

Fourth detailed in the Palestinian case, the characterization is linked to the previous Mufassal, a political pluralism and the role of the Palestinian factions in political life, it has approved the first item of Article 26 of the Amended Basic Law for the year 2003 (for the Palestinians the right to participate in the political life of individuals and groups and their particular the following rights: the formation of political parties and join them in accordance with law). Palestinian an arena for decades characterized by political pluralism on the various ideas and ideologies and beliefs (secular and Islamic) and each has a historical track record and which can not be denied and ignored in the march of the Palestinian struggle and the struggle in various fields and forums to end the Israeli occupation of all Palestinian territories, edit and Declaration of Independence and the establishment of a Palestinian state and the defense of rights Palestinian. But what is taken on those pluralism, it did not live up to the level of actual participation and influence in political life, for the Palestinian division level all the Palestinian factions have not been able to influence the parties to the division and the pressure on them in order to end the division and the implementation of what was agreed upon, it has limited the role of these parties to the contract seminars and consultative meetings, conferences and launch repetitive calls to end the division without having a clear and explicit and active attitude towards the parties to the division. Vvclt all Palestinian factions to achieve Palestinian national unity and failed to promote democratic life and political participation, they also failed to find a formulation of a program and a national strategy uniform among all factions to deal with the variables that surround the Palestinian cause and thus the lack of consensus on the steering movements and questioned her and seriousness in every occasion .

Joint fifth in the Palestinian case characterization, respect of the environment of the Arab, regional and international variables, Palestine is an integral part of this environment part, has mortgaged the Palestinian issue and influenced decades all variables in that environment, I have reflected the overall changes to the reality of Palestinian political life, was the emergence of regional powers and Vaaliyn new non-State actors in the region and a clear role in influencing the attitudes and actions of Palestinian and decisions, both with regard to the Palestinian issue or with respect to the Palestinian division, and those changing environment contributed to the emergence of issues of importance and more sensitivity at the expense of the Palestinian cause, and the international community has great importance to those issues (Iraq war – Iran and the war in the Persian Gulf and the war in Iraq, the Iranian nuclear file and the growing phenomenon of terrorist organizations (Al Qaeda and Daash) and called the Spring and the Arab change and fall of political systems, the Chamber in Syria, Libya, the war, and the coup-Houthi in Yemen, and competition between regional and international powers to control On the Middle East, and the projects and plans division of the Middle East and the Arab world, sectarian, ethnic and nationalist wars. In the face of this changing environment, the Palestinian division remained present and strongly without remedy both ends of the split seriousness of the variables on the Palestinian issue, resorted Palestinian leadership to avoid interference in all these issues and lack of alignment with one party against another party, and non-interference in the internal affairs of these countries, and deal with all the variables with extreme caution, in order to preserve the Palestinian national project and the Palestinian cause, and in spite of this caution, however, these issues were reflected negatively on the essence and the centrality of the Palestinian issue, and mortgaged all those issues.

Joint sixth in the political life of respect to the positive side access of Palestine to a non-member observer at the United Nations General Assembly in November 2012 and the recognition of the more than 136 countries of a Palestinian state and the revolution in European parliaments recognize a Palestinian state, and the growing European boycott of Israeli goods campaigns and all this diplomatic effort Palestinian in all the Arab, regional and international forums.

In front of the Palestinian case fluctuating come to convene the Palestinian National Council meeting, a comprehensive review of the reality of Palestinian political life and the reality of Palestinian institutions (the organization and the presidential and legislative) and a re-evaluation of all the moves and strategies that have been followed in order to resolve the Palestinian issue and ending the occupation and establishing a Palestinian state, and that this call come to rework a national political program and a national strategy inclusive of all the visions and attitudes and ideas, and the call to end the division and the implementation of what was agreed upon in Cairo, to stand in front of the surrounding Palestinian cause challenges, and all of those issues in question can not be solved and reach common denominators that only with the participation of all Palestinian factions without exception, the Palestinian National Council meeting was held a national necessity to preserve the Palestinian national project. ∞∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞∞


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