Palestinian News: How become Ma’shuq women ?! Dr. Fayez Abu Shamala

While Arab women Tnacf her autobiography, dip their feet signed a sand road, and scream the loudest voice: I want to become the same determination and strength Kalvelstinih, refuge my husband and my brother and my father and my son, and I recall a bit of femininity lost!

That humanity groans are not issued only Arab woman to her beating heart of love, loyalty, and is following the daily details of life on the land of Palestine, not close her eye on the proceedings of the war on Gaza, and burn her heart what is happening to the population of the siege, stained face leaders and leaders ashamed.

I have checked the Kuwaiti writer “booty Cheetah” biography of her career, and checked in daily victories details, and discovered that it violated Aftrtha, so I wrote in the magazine “My family,” she says: I grow old and grew up our hopes and aspirations, and we have obtained everything, Nhlna of science and knowledge is beyond description, We became quite the man, cite the car, and we travel abroad on our own, and we wear pants, and became our balance in the bank, and we got to leadership positions! Achttuna and men.

What next, my booty Cheetah? What was discovered in the long journey of misery? And what you ask of the world after all these victories in the fields of work?

Kuwaiti writer says: What a beautiful femininity! And the most beautiful woman sheltering men, and Ichaaraa strength, and to deprive them of traveling alone, and asked to sit at home! What a beautiful woman who educates her children, and oversees the kingdom! And the man is Mr. Strong, yes, I say it after the experience: I want to go back to my femininity lost!

What a wonderful female women! And believe the writer “Cheetah booty!” They parked in front of self-experience, paint, Landmark all those who obliterated the daily needs on their humanity, Vovqdthm their manhood to lose the woman so her femininity, relationship between masculinity and femininity reciprocal relationship, if absent the hands of the Supreme man, attended feet arrogant woman, who trample on the difference between men and women , Valonoth organism does not grow only in soil which settled masculinity, femininity and burn, and withering branches in arid soil that absent manhood.

Kuwaiti writer and conscious of what is happening around them and relay the reality of the Arab nation well, so she said that Palestinian women are female REAL in the world, and congratulations to every Palestinian Pftadth, a sense of femininity right, and congratulations for every Palestinian, it is not the world’s legs from the men of Palestine.

I agree writer, however, ask her: For any men talking Palestine O booty Cheetah?

It is where the Palestinian Arab women thirsty cry to dignity and pride and magnanimity? Is Tstgethein Balvelstini Bisexual who sits with his enemy in Ramallah and Tel Aviv to coordinate with the resistance mechanism, or Tstagiran Balvelstini resistant hero; Nada, who became the Israeli army, raising Arab head high among the nations, while the missiles arrived in Tel Aviv?

Did you mean the Arab Women Palestinian masculinity so that Israel stripped of his humanity, and stripped him of the national-fat, and dismissed him from work and creativity components, and tied Bmdhud ATM, or open her heart to this Palestinian who digs fingernails and means of defense of the homeland, and works day and night to develop the combat capabilities, and ensures to serve the community without waiting for another month salary?

Are Arab women boasts a Palestinian One who tuck his head in his heads, and said: O warheads sector, or Arab women love that Palestinian Rebel rebel angry that does not sanctify the organization nor a party nor president, nor bend to the commander, not applauding the leader, nor cheer the life of the minister, nor dancing in the squares on the national anthems, the Arab Women’s sacrifice of love for the homeland Palestine, women love a man who is working on editing her homeland from the impurity of the Zionists, and despise spaniel Enein?

Yes, the Palestinian Arab women will remain a dream, as long as resistant, clutching a rifle, and refuses to recognize the state called “Israel”; the rape of the land, the Palestinians and will continue to be exemplary for the Arab generations; as long as Bouktoath upward to the sky.

The bottom line is: Be resistant intrepid and generous, not a hero and Ma’shuq women. ∞∞∞∞∞ »»»»


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