One World Religion: Stockholm release of the book “Red Mosque white Bchaababak”

Today released a new book of Sheikh Awad Alwan imam of the mosque in Sitra Fisk. The book is about 200 pages of small pieces and holds the title of “red white mosque Bchaababak” and the address of the sides of the small line: “Alladen about the contradiction between religious fanaticism.”

The book includes ten chapters the most important of the fourth quarter in which the author about his background as a Palestinian national Ayesh speaks the Palestinian catastrophe that has left deep traces in the geography of the Middle East and in the hearts of people’s circumstances. Author reduces the role of religious considerations in the formulation of the events and emphasizes the role of the economic and political interests in international policy-making.

The author speaks about the factors that contributed to the drafting of religious ideas and says: “My mother died and I’m a little kid. When I grew up a bit I asked my father for a picture of my mother, and he told me about not having a picture of my mom because the photography to the laws of Islam is forbidden. Since that day, I started thinking about religion In turn the Halal and Haram issues in a long journey is not over until today. It took some time to understand that that prohibition is more to the laws of Islam is man-made and not proceeded Lord of the Worlds.

Then author speaks about religious dialogue in Citra Fisk and “House of God” project, which make it the main theme in the book, which Eetmhorhol everything around him.

Author seeks to document the process of dialogue between the three: Catholicism and Lutheranism and Muslim associations. He says: “The march, which was born in the atmosphere of suspicion and distrust caused by the acts of aggression carried out by al-Qaeda targets in the United States have arrived today to deep understandings of the significance of the three Societies. These understandings open doors until recently was closed in front of Islam and Muslims in the West. ”

After a preliminary reading of the book, we note that the author is making a great effort to convince the Muslims to stay away from religious extremism and move towards peaceful coexistence based on mutual respect within democratic frameworks that protect political pluralism and religious diversity. At the same time the author calls for Christian churches to go more towards the unification clearly, because that will contribute to deepen the bonds of brotherhood between him and the children of Abraham to the prophets of God of peace.

Arab Nyheter will return to write on this subject as soon as Nfrg read the book from a careful reading. ∞∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞∞


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