Migrant Crisis: Syrian #immigrants arrive in Munich and chanting “We love you Germany

What that dozens of Syrian immigrants arrived to the train station in Munich, and found a group of people waiting, carrying banners reading “Welcome”, even shouted “Thank you Germany, We love you Germany”.

For many immigrants, Germany is the dream. It’s economically strong state that abandons re-Syrian migrants fleeing the war to the European Union, the first country they came up with.

Bad fatigue on the faces of everyone They move their purposes Statistics in garbage bags. Dispersed in the hundreds in the train station in Munich that Saloha coming Monday from Budapest after the Hungarian authorities allowed them to travel to Vienna and Munich.

Syrian Abdul Halim, who arrived on Monday night to Munich coming from Budapest “in Hungary the situation was very bad he says. We were not able to clean the water to secure our children, and food was scarce, and the police dealt harshly with us. “

For its part, Syria says a young woman arrived at the train station with her husband and her four children before Ttzlmanm police, “We are very happy for our arrival to Munich, though we are very tired.”

The police register the names of arriving before taking them to shelters for refugees in Bavaria, south Germany along the border with Austria.

This region and the income from Germany between Monday morning and Tuesday morning, about 2,200 immigrants, the highest number recorded since the start of the refugee crisis earlier this year.

Germany expects to enter this year, about 800 000 immigrant is a record at the European level.

And see in Munich station groups of people some of them lay on the ground waiting for the police to register and take them to shelters. Priority is given to families while the rest wait for a few hours.

Mueller says ships spokesman for the police, “trying to take them as soon as possible from the train station.”

Some arrivals left Aleppo in northern Syria over a month ago to escape the war.

Immigrants and received great solidarity of dozens of people in the city who came to the station, carrying clothes, food, water and even diapers.

And advancing Germans from the Syrians and ask them, “We brought with us some juices Do you want something else?” Or “Tell us how we can help you?”.

And expanded solidarity campaign to end prompting police to demand of the population to stop the transfer of aid because they are no longer able to receive and distribute to plentiful.

Police said in a tweet on its front page on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, “We are no longer able to receive more aid from you in the main train station. We ask you to stop sending more. “

And spread all across Germany in campaigns of solidarity with immigrants especially Syrians of them during the past few weeks.

But this does not mean that all Germans welcome immigrants and want to help them. And it tells the young volunteers to help migrants in Munich station that a group of extreme right close to the station and tried to attack on immigrants.

He said Andreas Dikhman this young man (21 years) who presented on Monday evening, citing the food of migrants exhausted “We collected some of us and what we are now about twenty people we sent them from the place.” ∞∞∞∞∞ arabnyheter.info »»»»


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