Migrant Crisis: Migrant Crises to Worsen Geopolitical and Economic Fallout to Follow

KINGSTON, NY, 9 September 2015—The current wave of migrants flooding into Europe is the worst since World War II. The Trends Research Institute forecasts that migrant crisis will dramatically escalate. Both the cause and effects are trend lines leading to a humanitarian calamity, social unrest and geopolitical conflict that will destabilize governments worldwide.

For some two years, shiploads of desperate refugees attempting to reach Europe have been drowning while Brussels bickered over how to handle the human tide washing up on their shores. In virtually all media coverage of the migrant crisis – which had begun its ascent in 2012 and has now dramatically escalated – there are virtually no specifics explaining why conditions have deteriorated so badly that hopeless millions risk their lives to flee their homeland.

Indeed, as evidenced by Monday’s front page New York Times headline (and similarly repeated in Western media), the oft-cited question is, “As Europe Grasps for Answers, More Migrants Flood Its Borders. ∞∞∞∞∞ www.lewrockwell.com ∞∞∞∞∞


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