Migrant Crisis: Immigration Minister is to increase allocations to accommodate the “refugee children”

Immigration Minister Morgan Aouanson promised to provide resources make it easier for municipalities absorption of refugees under the age of 18 years and they are called children of refugees flow name. That promise came after the announcement of the Union of Municipalities and provincial councils for the difficult situation faced by municipalities in front of a large influx of these refugees:

 We will allocate funds to support the possibilities of municipalities to receive refugees in general, and of course will include refugee children. Currently continue to negotiate on the budget, it is expected to ask the full project between the atheist and the twentieth and twenty-second of the month of September Septmbr. Immigration Minister Morgan Aouanson said. He added that until early next year should be overridden difficult situation experienced by municipalities through the distribution of resources currently available to municipalities, particularly municipalities and Aepeshkl most accommodating refugees Malmo a municipality, for example.

The flow of “refugee children” has seen a dramatic rise in the last ten years, while the number was reached them from a decade of no more than 500 before, expect interest that the number of arriving this year, 12 thousand. During the last two weeks arrived in the country in 1300, and if this trend continues, the annual number of expected arrival of asylum seekers will be 35 thousand children. But the minister says that the development of these two weeks is a special status:

I am sure that this number will not be constant, but 12 thousand in itself constitute a significant increase, compared Balosmanih thousands who came last year.

With increasing numbers of asylum seekers’ children, “the cost of the tunnels go up to accommodate them, and this calls for the allocation of more financial resources from the community, has the Swedish TV estimated that the cost of the absorption of refugees” children “who are expected to arrive in the country in 2019 to 15 Milird kronor, equivalent to three times the current cost. The minister says:

When discussing the rise in costs in this field we have to know that Sweden will be in need of work force in the future, and through this can meet this need.

Sweden is committed to abide by the provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which includes the provision of comprehensive protection for children of asylum seekers who arrive without the company of their loved ones, their rights and full guarantee., Sweden will promote the responsibilities arranged by that treaty. But when you talk about the cost to Sweden to receive the Hola is important to note that they can represent an investment, Aouanson says:

A country that recorded a decline in the population of stagnant country, after 20 to 30 years the number of elderly will rise more and more, and Oatqls number of those of working age. After a few years these children will be of working age. It should not be seen to it that only the cost, but should also be seen as an investment for our country.

Aouanson also says that the increase in the numbers of refugees “children” Stewakpha fact increase in the budget allocated to accommodate them, through a series of proposals to facilitate their access to the community. Soon there will be, for example, a proposal on the housing support. There will also be changes in the wording of the rules of housing, including radically change the whole system of reception:

If you do not solve the issue of integration, and did not solve the issue of the provision of business, and education for these children, they may face a situation wrong. , That we have succeeded in solving it we would have given us the strength to Sweden. Immigration Minister Morgan Aouanson said Aldikrati of the Socialist Party. ∞∞∞∞∞ arabnyheter.info »»»»


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