Migrant Crisis: European interior ministers meet in September to meet the migrant crisis

Interior Ministers held an emergency meeting Europeans in mid-September to discuss how to cope with the influx of migrants to Europe crisis, so after intensified calls in Europe Sunday in order to respond to this file, which is exacerbated.

And announced that the Government of Luxembourg, which holds the rotating presidency of the European Union on Sunday that an internal EU ministers will hold an emergency meeting on September 14 in Brussels in order to “assess the situation on the ground and political moves under way and to discuss the next steps to strengthen the European response.”

The Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said earlier Sunday that his country would make to get the right to asylum in Europe, “the battle of the coming months.”

Renzi said in an interview with the newspaper Corriere della Sera “Europe should start to move. We can choose (…) that we have a European immigration policy with a European right to asylum “.

In turn, the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said Sunday that immigrants “fleeing war and persecution, torture and repression must be received by (..) and to treat them with dignity and house them and provide them with treatment.”

Switzerland announced that it intends to offer financial assistance to the Balkan countries to support them in coping with the influx of large numbers of immigrants in trying to reach the European Union.

He criticized French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius Sunday attitude of some eastern European countries, starting with Hungary and its lack of cooperation in resolving the crisis in the thousands of migrants who flock to the EU.

Said Fabius radio Europe 1 “When I see that some European countries, particularly in the East do not agree to quotas (distribution of immigrants) I find that we walked,” calling on Hungary to remove the barbed wire erected along its border with Serbia, which he said “do not respect European values shared “. He considered it to be “sure” the dismantling of the fence, Hungary and the EU should be “serious and tough talks” with Hungarian leaders.

In contrast, the Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Sajarto said in a statement Monday that he summoned a representative of the French embassy in Budapest and the impact of the criticism “shocking” Sunday French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius of the fence held by Hungary on its borders to deal with illegal immigrants. Hungarian minister and wanted to clarify that his country’s position on this issue, according to the statement carried by the Hungarian news agency MTI.

The minister said in the statement “rather than shocking verdicts and baseless, we have to consult to search for common solutions to Europe.”

According to the agency, the Hungarian minister stressed that “statements (Laurent Fabius) can not pass without a response and this is the reason for calling a representative of the French embassy to the Foreign Ministry Monday to formally give him the position of Hungary.”

For its part, the Hungarian police announced they had arrested a fifth suspect committed a crime of human trafficking, in connection with the issue of the truck which was found this week abandoned alongside a highway in Austria, where he spent 71 migrants suffocated probably.

And the tragedy of the truck, in addition to the sinking of the boat, on average, 111 people were killed Thursday, were a reminder of the failure of Europe to deal with the influx of hundreds of thousands of immigrants.

High Commissioner of the United Nations for Refugees reported that more than 300 000 migrants crossed the Mediterranean since January to escape the conflicts in Africa and the Middle East. As millions are present inside the camps in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.

Said the Libyan Red Crescent to start Sunday recovered seven bodies at least the process has reached five beach east of Tripoli city, dating back to immigrants died after the boat they were aboard sank in this region.

How many people were on board this boat was not yet known.

Dozens of migrants have died Thursday after their boat sank off the town of Zuwarah, about 160 km west of Tripoli.

If the immigrants are trying to get to Greece, large numbers of them pass in the Western Balkans, to enter Hungary a member of the European Union. Macedonia and was called to declare a state of emergency two weeks ago.

Out of Hungary, the majority of those trying to reach Western Europe, especially Germany and Sweden.

In an effort to prevent their entry, Hungary has set up a barbed fence on its border along the 175 km with Serbia wire, with the border guard dogs and police patrol cars equipped with four-wheel drive.

But the fence of three hoops of barbed wire failed to prevent the transit of immigrants.

The Hungarian government announced it would build a wall that in addition to four meters long, and will tighten the penalties for people who enter illegally.

Police said the 3080 migrants crossed the Serbian-Hungarian border Saturday, the second largest number in a single day. And found pieces torn clothes on the fence.

The reporter saw AFP Sunday over a group of about 200 immigrants carrying plastic sacks on their backs and water bottles, and asked the greeting, saying, “Peace be upon you.”

He asked one of them, a Syrian named Hassan and travels a month ago, “I want the border. Where we can pass to Europe? “.

“That’s my baby and this uncle. There are people who are bad at night stole our money. “

“The people in Macedonia and Serbia are good. When I was in the camp in Serbia I told them I want to put my child in a hotel (…) and that the police allowed me to go to a hotel for the child, not for my sake. I do not want any thing”.

Police believe the five suspects under arrest in Hungary on the back of the truck tragedy in Austria, are members of one of the gangs trafficking in human beings which receive exorbitant sums to transport immigrants.

And the payment of the four who were arrested Saturday acquitted, but spent the judiciary to extend the detention until September 29 at least.

And found inside the truck in Ostina the bodies of 71 migrants have begun to decompose, they are 59 men and eight women and four children, they are likely to Syrian refugees died of asphyxiation, sparking international uproar.

The newspaper said the Austrian Austrakh the 71 victims packed into 15 square meters and died of suffocation after about 60 minutes of closing the door of the truck to a lack of ventilation.

The truck was found two days later, after the workers were working in the maintenance quick way to alert the police after he saw “fluids decomposed bodies” come out of her.

Austrian police said Saturday objection a new truck Friday morning in the country less than 26 illegal immigrants, including three children suffer Tjvava described their situation as “very bad”.

The truck was carrying immigrants came from Syria, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, said they wanted to go to Germany.

He said police spokesman David Fortuner told AFP Sunday that the three children Syrians discharged from hospital and is likely they followed their trip with their parents to Germany.

“The driver of the truck was Romania, a Spanish license plates and came from Hungary,” adding, “We arrested 93 smugglers this year in the state of Upper Austria alone.” ∞∞∞∞∞ arabnyheter.info »»»»


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