Migrant Crisis: All of humanity must be held accountable for three boy’s death

Erdogan’s criticism comes the same day that many Europeans were shaken by a photo of the body of a three-year Syrian boy who was washed up on a Turkish beach, after he had been on a futile attempts to cross the Aegean Sea to Greece.

– Is not the whole of humanity, which must be accountable for this three-year boy died on our shores? said the Turkish president.

Turkey’s government said this week that the country’s coast guard had rescued over 42,000 migrants in the Aegean Sea in the first five months and more than 2,160 in the last week alone.

But Erdogan warns that “it is the whole of humanity” as is drowning in the Mediterranean.

– These are the values ​​that made us who we are, who are now drowning in the Mediterranean, he says and stresses:

– But a world system that has lost its sense of mercy will not be able to correct a humanity that is in a deplorable condition. ∞∞∞∞∞ nyhederne.tv2.dk »»»»


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