Migrant Crisis: Agnes girl (11) years sends a message to the prime minister to help refugees

Agnes Olson sent the girl a message to Prime Minister Leuven ask about how they can help her through which refugees, now will deal with cake and refreshments with Leuven as I wrote several local newspapers.

Monday saw Agnes of Vermland County program for the suffering of refugees strongly Vtothert and asked how her parents can help refugee parents and could not respond to them they said, Write down her message to the prime minister.

Agnes wrote the letter and asked to respond, but it can write Tsat entitled prime minister decided to search for them and thank them said that anyone can help such as collecting money for food and clothes refugees or donate personally to be a guide for refugee children.

Mother Agnes said that the little girl cried when she saw the film several times and on Saturday contact with the prime minister and the Olson family announced hosted for Agnes to eat cake and refreshments with her in Stockholm.

Aftonbladet ∞∞∞∞∞ arabnyheter.info »»»»


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