Published on Aug 16, 2015

The petition for rule making was submitted by Dr. Mohan Doss, on behalf of Scientist for Accurate Radiation Information, and “supports and supplements” petition PRM-20-28. This petitioner provides additional information suggesting that “low-dose radiation reduces cancer risk” (i.e., has a hormetic [beneficial] effect) and suggests that the “LNT model is no longer justifiable.” The petitioner further states that the use of the LNT hypothesis in the NRC’s regulations has “had a major detrimental effect on public health, since they have prevented the study of LDR [low-dose radiation] for controlling aging-related diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, etc. in spite of studies showing the promise of LDR for the diseases.” The petitioner suggests that “urgency of action on this petition” is necessary because “any potential future accident involving release of radioactive materials in the USA would likely result in panic evacuation because of the LNT—model-based cancer fears and concerns, resulting in considerable casualties and economic damage such as have occurred in Fukushima.” The petitioner further suggests that the “recognition of a threshold dose by NRC would obviatethe need for such panic evacuations, associated casualties, and economic harm” when radiation is released in the environment.
For additional information, see the filed petitions for rulemaking in ADAMS under Accession Nos. ML15051A503, ML15057A349, and ML15075A200.


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