Persecution Watch: The suffering of refugee children .. incidents and beaten and raped on the way to Sweden

Each week up to Sweden among the refugees about 700 children without a breadwinner, many of whom have been injured in accidents, some of them beating him to leave the physical and psychological effects of rape or suffered from smugglers.

Normally they complements these minors children, mostly boys in their teens long from the Middle East, Africa and Asia Oursund their journey to cross the bridge from Denmark, asking for help in Malmo would offer it the first city of the cities of Sweden.

She describes working in a temporary reception center in Malmo in charge of the care of children who arrive without a breadwinner in during their early days in Sweden how some children up head injuries or broken bones.

In many cases, these injuries occur when children fall from trucks trying to hide it. But injuries have inflicted their smugglers who pay them what their parents ask for money to take them to safety in the north of Europe.

Some of the children suffer, for example, the loss of hearing after being slapped on the ear during the journey involves crossing fraught with fatal dangers of the sea to Europe in rafts or boats, many of which are not fit to sail.

Said Christina Rosen, director of the Center “We have received also many who came through Libya and some of them were on their boats capsized.”

One of the children who arrived without a breadwinner his brother drown in the waters of the Mediterranean has seen. Staff at the center and it is estimated that more than half of the children need psychological care.

Compared with a population of Sweden receives the largest number of asylum seekers than any other European country, and increasing numbers are a sharp increase to escape many people fleeing the civil war in Syria.

Sweden and receiving refugees since the seventies and entered by about one-third of minor children without a breadwinner who arrive in the European Union is expected to almost double their numbers this year to up to 12 thousand children.

Officials say parents do not bear often only the cost of smuggling one member of the family. Therefore send one child to Sweden and often occurs in order to avoid being recruited by militant groups such as al-Islamic state or Somali youth movement.

Reunion fathers of these children coming not only healed without a breadwinner in less than one-third of these cases. ∞∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞∞


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