Muslims News: New Middle East maps and lines of sectarianism and nationalism, by Jabari D.maher

There are three vital political ends stand out in the contemporary reality of the nation, which is freedom from foreign domination, political unity, and the application of Islam, which is the purpose of connected and interdependent, and have achieved a result of the investigation of succession to the prophethood the Islamic project, which is why Muslims are one nation, as confirmed many from religious texts, including )an This is your one nation and I am your Lord Vaabdon(.

The tearing of the Islamic country and break up politically and religiously and ethnically Muslims is the project contrary to the succession, and therefore resulted in the beginning of the last century for the colonial project, which was carried out by Britain and France to eliminate the state of the Ottoman Empire, which represented a political entity mosque for Muslims even though they have suffered from the weak and poor in the application of Islam in the last restored . And enable each of the Sykes-Picot and identify areas of Arab countries on the basis of geographic regions and oil wealth.

Partition was done in order to achieve economic and political interests of the colonial, without any recall of any interests even a minimum for the people of that country. And then that turned into a border projects “national” shed blood for it, and the shrouded bodies of the victims flags painted by Sykes and Picot. Therefore, the tearing and the division of the country’s Muslims projects are in contrast to the succession project: the previously ruled, and plans to prevent its return.

Because the balance of colonial powers has shifted from the old colonial powers toward the unique power (America), it has crystallized the American vision for redrawing political boundaries in the region, to meet their interests are not the interests of the old colonialism, and therefore Followers notes the escalation of talk in the American decision-making circles (political and research) for a new fragment, such as was expressed by Richard Haass, president of the American Council on Foreign Relations, that “Sykes-Picot new” in the Middle East is the solution that will save America from its predicament worsening in Iraq and reluctance to Syria, stressing that the old Middle East construed to disintegration (Al-Wafd newspaper in 06/17/2014).

The combined studies and press reports which show that the American vision, and displays these new maps, for example, the paper re Global Research Foundation published in 05/19/2015 under the title of “redrawing the Middle East schemes: the new Middle East project”, after previously issued in year 2006. The report published by Sandy in Review 09/28/2013 entitled “Imagine a revised map of the Middle East.”

Here, the “blood borders of the project” to redraw the lines and the border pen, has the details “of the US Armed Forces Journal” published in the 1/6/2006, under the title “Blood Borders – How the Middle East looks better?”, A vision developed by retired US Gen. Ralph Peters, of fragmentation along sectarian, tribal and sectarian lines.

However, the term “blood borders of the project” is mainly due to the American Orientalist of Jewish-British origin, Bernard Lewis, who put it in the era of former US President Carter (1977-1981) to restore the dismantling of the Middle East on national grounds, they push the Turks and the Kurds, Arabs and Iranians wars in preparation for the re-demarcation, which was adopted in 1983 (the Code limits the blood).

It has been drawing new maps of ethnic, sectarian and communal gatherings, which are traded in a number of studies and sites, with some differences in the details: for example, contains a draft of blood split the borders of Iraq into three entities: a Shiite in the south, Kurdish in the north, Sunni in the center, and the division of Syria to the State Overhead on the Mediterranean coast, and the Sunni state in the Aleppo, and the other around Damascus, and the state of the Druze in the Golan, and the division of Egypt to Sunni state and other Coptic in the north, and the State of Nubia and its capital, Aswan, and the state of the Bedouins in the Sinai, and the state in northern Sinai after the annexation of the Gaza Strip. The redrawing of North Africa to the seven-sectarian countries, such as the State of the Berbers, and the state of the Polisario, and the state of the Amazigh, and so on. The plan for the Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula includes the abolition of the existing State and re-divided into three mini-states: the State of the Shiite Al-Ahsa (includes Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, the UAE and Oman), and find a Sunni state, and the state of the Hijaz Sunni.

The fragmentation of Muslims and turn them from the concept of one nation into rival sects and nationalities, is betting the West to prevent the emergence of a caliphate project on a platform of prophecy or delayed at the very least. As he walked in the project fragmentation slowly to be smooth in the style of “soft partition,” It is not necessarily that this division be fast or declaring at the outset, but escalating pace with the increasing wars, and through armed action which is engaged by armed groups and organizations or communities or minorities, and result in a “quasi-states” the emergence of entities (without the structure of the state), which is what we observe today in a distorted entities such as the “Islamic state”, and in the expansion Houthi in Yemen, and in the upper re-positioning in the Syrian coast …

The ongoing events in the region indicate that the conduct of America in this scheme by customers, have escalated sectarian shipping in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, and appeared intimidation calls from Shiite and Persian Crescent, and warning of the Shiite tide, and then lamenting that the Shiite minority in Saudi Arabia, in versus lamenting that the minority Sunnis in Iran. Add to that heating the so-called Kurdish question.

All that sectarian and ethnic escalation is functioning within the limits of blood project, with which America is facing the nation, and is working through the reformulation of the region in order to achieve their interests. It should therefore Muslims should not be a tool in this project, and to wake up to the seriousness of sectarian and nationalist rhetoric, but being a station in this American project, which is contrary to the vital goals of the nation for liberation, unity and application of the Sharia. ∞∞∞∞∞ MORE »»»»


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