One World Religion: Furqan mosque Friday sermon Bahlsnbura with your beloved in Flowers

The text of the Friday sermon in the mosque of Al-Furqan Hlsngbora:

He says said the anniversary in vain believers

Comes back to us the memory of Flowers after 1,400 years of recorded in the memory of the memory and recording attributed to the nation and to give a lesson to humanity and tell us you Iaamh Mohammed in need today to Isra and Meraj Baruagm applies to kindergarten faith and apply to the Commission Bnovskm Radwan

Habibkm Mohammed in such days God tested them death dearest two people in his life Abutaleb uncle and Khadija, his wife and stayed in Mecca alone and a decision from the Quraish infidels expel the Messenger of Allah from Mecca where he goes? He went to Taif, where the children of cousins ​​that hurt cousins ​​was more of a decision Expulsion Aftrdh stones and threw him and hurting him speak and Zaid bin Haritha pushes his face and his body hurt, stones and blood for our Prophet Muhammad

But God was with beloved hearer of his appeal and his prayer, he says Oh God, I complain to you twice my strength and lack of Hillete and Huane on people
if Jibreel secretary to come down to the Messengers Bammer Lord of the Worlds, with the king of the mountains Iamamed thy peace Mrni sends greetings as you want if you will apply them Alokhcpin

Shouted the Prophet does not Aaghebrel not Aamlk mountains May God to come out of the solidity of saying no god but God, this is a beloved Great
teaches that the Holy if the amount pardoned so be Iaamh Mohammed Knbekm exemption for one another, love one another, be the heart of one man then waver to Qubool pride and dignity and, God willing, be helped ∞∞∞∞∞ ∞∞∞∞∞


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